Are you looking for an eco-friendly place, where you can spend your vacation? Rest amongst old trees, fields inhabited by fowls, cranes, storks and many other species? Pawłówka is where you need to be.



This property is placed ½ km behind the village in direction of Suwałki Landscape Park. While visiting this large habitat, you can use all blessings of small pond, fruit and vegetable gardens, playground for children and places for bonfire.

We are speaking English.


Ecological fruits and vegetables straight from the garden. Cross country skiing during winter months.


  • home completely renovated
  • 4 BR, sleeps 2 per room,
  • living room,
  • kitchen annex,
  • 2 bathrooms,
  • TV,
  • bicycles for visitors use.


  • Situated near Suwałki
  • 1 mile to the nearest shop and church

Points of interest:

  • Suwalski Landscape Park
  • 4 km to Lake Hańcza and many other lakes
  • 40 km away from border with Lithuania
  • 18 km from Wosir Szelment ski resort


Rent of Pawłówka chalet:
  • 35-40zł per person per night.
  • Parking of a camper (electricity included): 15 zł per night
  • Children 7-12 years old: 9 zł per night
  • Adults: 12 zł per night